Our Neighborhood Outreach

Blog post written by Brianna Doretti
Mission Viejo, California


One of the most impactful moments of the trip happened to me today. While we were in the village where we were building the home, our team was able to go to the park to set up a fun zone for the children. We had balloon animals, face paint, crafts, beads for bracelet making, and many other activities going on. It was amazing to see the kid's faces light up when they received their balloon animasl or had their faces painted.  We painted one kid with a Spiderman face and another one as a pirate.

Jenni’s son, Aidan had a chance to do a magic show during the outreach. He made a cloth disappear, poked a giant needle through a balloon without popping it, and made a coin appear in his hands.  The kids loved it.   Our outreach came at the perfect timing since today was the beginning of a national holiday.  There were many kids in the community since the schools are closed and around one-hundred people gathered to see the gringo presentation.  


When the magic show was finished, I had an opportunity to use an Evangecube to tell the life of Jesus Christ to the kids. I was nervous at first, because I had not used one in three years. However, I soon realized that God had been preparing me for this by placing me as a teacher of the four through six year olds at my church. I was overwhelmed as I became filled with the Holy Spirit and felt empowered to use the cube as a tool to minister to the children and their parents. When we asked if anyone wanted to accept Jesus Christ into their hearts, the air was filled with the sweet voices of the children praying with us.

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