Fundraising Tips

All donations towards trip costs are tax deductible.

Most of our team members fundraise for the majority of their trip costs.  Here are some creative ideas on how to fundraise:

  • Offer to provide services for family/friends/neighbors (babysitting, organizing, yard work, etc.)
  • Organize a garage sale
  • Sell items online
  • Host a fundraising event (jewelry party, candle party, etc.)
  • Sell your gold
  • Do the traditional neighborhood lemonade stand or car wash
  • Organize a "Parent's Night Out" event at your church and provide babysitting
  • Host a concert or movie night at your church
  • Host a photo event at your church (take family photos on a holiday)
  • Send our fundraising letters (we can provide sample letters for you to review)
  • Talk to your church, employer or local businesses about making a tax-deductible contribution


Encouragement for sending out fundraising letters...


Raising support for your mission trip is a great way to involve your friends and family in your trip and to help to raise their awareness of the plight of orphans overseas. It is also an amazing way to trust God and see Him work through your finances.  Here are some helpful tips for raising your support:


• Pray!  Ask God to lead you in raising your support.  When you trust Him with your finances, He will amaze you! Remember Philippians 4:19.


• Don’t feel guilty about asking for help.  This is a tremendous way to allow the community around you to support your efforts.  It is also a wonderful opportunity to educate your friends and family about the needs of orphans throughout the world and to allow them to experience the blessing of caring for His children.  


• Build a prayer support team in addition to a financial support team. It is just as important (if not more!) to have a group of friends and family praying for your trip.



Step 1 - Brainstorm.


Ask God to guide you to the right people.  Make a list of people from whom you would like to ask for support.  This could include immediate and extended family, classmates, neighbors, coworkers, your Bible study or small group and your church.



Step 2 - Prepare and send a fundraising letter. 


The letter should be either handwritten or typed.


Keep it to one page, short and sweet.

Personalize! Do NOT write “Dear Friend” or “To Whom it May Concern”.

Include a self-addressed return envelope.

Include a response card.



Step 3 - Follow your letter up with a phone call, email or a personal conversation.


This might be the hardest part of asking for support for some people, but it is the most important.  A conversation will provide more detail and give you a chance to show your enthusiasm for the trip.  Remember, you are asking for support to continue God’s work and to help orphans, not to buy a new car for yourself.



Step 4 - Once you return, make sure to send a follow-up thank you note or letter.


Send a summary of your trip with photos and thank them with gratitude for their support.  We strongly suggest that you send personal thank you notes to each donor.  



Sample letter & response card

This letter is just a sample to provide guidance and direction.  Please make your letter personal and write from your heart.  Pray for everyone who is receiving your letter!



Friend’s Name

Street Address

City, State, Zip

Dear [Friend’s Name],


[Include a few sentences about what you’ve been doing recently].


This ____season____ I have an amazing opportunity to serve in government-run orphanages in El Salvador.  This seven day missions trip is being organized by HIS HANDS HIS FEET, the humanitarian aide and missions ministry of All Blessings Intl, a Christian international adoption agency.   Please visit their orphan outreach blog at to learn more about their work.  We will be posting updates and photos on this blog before, during and after our trip.  


I am writing to ask you to partner with me on this trip by praying, encouraging and financially supporting me. Please pray that our team will have unity and that our travels will be safe and we’ll remain healthy. Pray also that God will teach me more about Himself and especially pray that we’ll be able to communicate God’s love to the children we meet.  The cost for me to attend this trip is _____. This includes all my travel, lodging, meals, and ministry costs for serving in the orphanages and feeding the homeless community. 


This money is due to HIS HANDS HIS FEET  by ___________.  All gifts are tax deductible.  


Thank you for considering being a part of my support team. If you need to contact me, please email me: or call me: (123) 456-7890. If you’re able to help support me, I have enclosed a self-addressed envelope to return the form at the bottom of this letter.  After our trip I will send you a letter explaining what happened on our trip and show you pictures of our time there.




       Your name



Sample Response Card

____ Yes, I’ll be praying for your trip to__________.

____ Yes, I’m including a financial gift for your trip. 


Enclosed is a check made payable to HIS HANDS HIS FEET for: $_____

Name:__________________________ Phone:___________________



Please do not write my name on the check, but include a separate note with my name.


Please have supporters mail their checks to:


His Hands His Feet
Stephanie Keenan, Accountant
69 Saratoga
Newport Beach, CA 92660