The Power of Touch

Blog post written by Taylor Wasson


Foothill Ranch, California


It's amazing to comprehend the power of touch. Just a simple high five or a pat on the shoulder can impact a person so much. But it doesn't have to be physical, you can touch someone emotionally as well. You don't realize how much you crave touch until you don't have it. Many people in El Salvador aren't able to experience "touch" on a day to day basis, which breaks my heart. As a person, you may think, "No, I don't need touch, I'm not a touchy person." Trust me, everyone needs affirmation, love and touch in their life, despite what you think or feel.


Today our team had the privilege of throwing a mini "carnival" for the surrounding community near the house we were constructing.  Our team members walked around the community to invite people to the soccer field.  In the beginning the community members were hesitant to connect. By the time we were done, everyone had huge smiles on their faces, laughing and hugging. The team did an amazing job explaining the resurrection of Christ, handing out donations and making sure everyone was included in the festivities. For a portion of the time I was able to hang out with the cutest little girl.  Sadly I don't remember her name. We danced around the field, and she loved to twirl. She never let go of my hand. I don't know her situation or her story, but I hoped that I was able to touch her life physically by holding her hand and emotionally by just being with her.  My desire was to make her feel special and more importantly, feel God's presence. I will never forget my little friend from El Salvador and  the power of touch. 

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