The Looks on Their Faces

Blog post written by Rachel Knepper (age 12)
Santa Ana, El Salvador

A few weeks ago my brother and sister started building a home for a sweet family in San Julian while serving with the His Hands His Feet Village Church team. They were blessed to be part of the team that started construction. This family had prayed for a new home for many years and God heard their prayers.

Yesterday my sister and I returned to the construction site with the His Hands His Feet Crean Lutheran High School team. I think it's cool that so many members of my family have been part of this home. We were able to pour the floor and paint the house. It was so awesome that we were all able to do a little bit to make this family's dreams come true. This morning we got to go shopping for furnishings and it was so much fun. We were able to put the furniture in the new house and decorate it. The house looked so beautiful with the powder blue paint and green door. I love the bright El Salvadorian colors on the homes! My favorite part of all wasn't the building or the shopping or decorating, it was the looks on the faces of the precious family that received the home. He had heard their prayers and that was the biggest blessing from God.

Jenni RamseyComment