HOME SWEET HOME!!! Team Dessert Wed, July 27th!

Post written by Jenni Ramsey

Our team had an adventurous travel day today! It started when the alarm "neglected to ring" in the girls' bungalow! We set a record time in packing and loading the bus, only to face a flat tire just a few miles down the road. We made it to the airport with time to spare in our bright blue t-shirts (which were printed by Kurt and Susan Ackermann's ministry, "His Children"). They say: WORKING FOR THE LORD, WORKING FOR HIS CHILDREN - El SALVADOR 2011 (in English on the front and Spanish on the back). The shirts sparked many interesting conversations in the airport and on the plane.

El Salvador 2011 326.jpg
El Salvador 2011 328.jpg
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There was a short delay on the plane due to a cargo door problem, but we finally ascended into the air with tearful eyes and our hearts and souls filled with the wonders of the week. One of our team members, Stephen Keenan, is staying in El Salvador for two more weeks to serve alongside Kurt and Susan at the government orphanage. Please remember to pray for Stephen and all that he will experience in the next two weeks. He will be posting on the blog. 

We will be hosting a dessert and report for our team on Wednesday, July 27, from 6:30-8:30 pm at the Ramsey's home. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND JOIN US as we share stories, photos and videos from our week of service together. Please contact Jenni at jenni.ramsey@cox.net for the address.  

Please continue to follow our blog as we will be posting ongoing updates, thoughts and inspirations. Many of our team members are already dreaming about the next trip scheduled for July, 2012. God has placed a vision in the hearts of some of the women on the team to minister in a specific way to the teenage girls in the government orphanage. Please be praying for us as we consider this vision in the days, weeks and months to come. We have a sense that many of our team members will be returning to El Salvador for ongoing short-term, and possibly long-term missions service. Stay tuned for more!

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