Micah's Memories

This trip has been so awesome! The guys and I have been doing construction at The Potter’s Field, San Martin, and at another place in the countryside. The place in the countryside (Angostura) is a farm land where Calvary planted a new church. While the girls were playing with the kids, the guys and I were mixing and pouring concrete to help build a pond. The pond is going to have tilapia fish that will feed the poor village. Also, the fish fertilize the crops that make them grow better and more plentifully. So, this system is like a cycle that keeps on feeding the village for a long time. When we were mixing the concrete, there were other workers that helped us.

The worker that inspired me the most was a 79 year old man (named "abuelo") who was working as hard or even harder than anyone else. He made me work even harder because if a man who turns 80 in November is working that hard every day, then I could work as hard as him for only two short days mixing concrete on that property. The other two days we were working at The Potter's Field digging trenches. We were starting a bungalow for homeless people. The bungalow will become a home for the elderly who are homeless. It has been really hot when we are working but overall the weather has been really nice. Today is our R and R day and I’m really looking forward to it. We are going to the volcano. That is why this trip has been really awesome.

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