Re-entry, Culture Shock and Yucky Tummies...

Post written by Jenni Ramsey

This blog post is specifically written to the friends and family members of our super-sensational El Salvador team! You may be wondering how to support team members this week as they process their life-changing experiences abroad. Many of the team members are experiencing culture shock as they adjust back to "life in the OC." Some of us are battling "bugs" in our tummies (including me). Mike is on his way to pick up my prescription as I write this post snuggled beneath the cozy sheets of our bed. My advice in supporting team members? LISTEN!!! Each team member will process their trip in various ways, but everyone needs to talk, share stories and photos. I encourage you to invite a team member to coffee and listen to their stories. Or call a team member on the phone and be prepared to listen. Be intentional and try not to give advice. This is exactly what each team member needs at this point in time.

Mike had a great word picture the other day that described our adventure perfectly. He said that "he felt like he had just seen a train wreck in El Salvador. He bandaged a few of the injured passengers, prayed for some and distributed gifts to the 'lucky ones.' Then he left." Our hearts are torn as we remember the devastating needs in El Salvador and adjust to our "comfortable lives" in Southern California. Please pray for our team members, listen and encourage them. Thank you for being part of our support team!

We also wanted to share a quick update on the opportunities that we have had to publicize our trip. Before our departure, we sent some photos of Aidan with his silly bands to our local newspapers. When we arrived home, we were thrilled to see Aidan's photo included in our local paper, The Foothills Sentry. This afternoon three staff members from The OC Register came to our home to do a story. They visited with us for an hour and a half, taking photos and asking questions. Jordan was also able to share about his trip to El Salvador last year. Their stories will be printed in The OC Register and The Tustin News in the next week! We are so grateful for these opportunities to share all that God is doing in our lives! Please continue to follow the blog as we'll continue to post udpates!

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