Welcome to Casa Bernabe!

We arrived at Casa Bernabe after our early afternoon trip to Antigua. Casa Bernabe's campus is surrounded by forest and a near waterfall can be heard from the lower campus. After arriving, we spent time playing with the babies. We then headed back up a long and steep path made up of stairs to get our belongings put away and get settled in. After we had all of our luggage and bags put away, we headed back down to play with the babies. We all went on a walk with the babies around the campus. This was both enjoyable and a great physical workout, as we were carrying babies that are not able to walk on their own. After playing with the babies on the playground for a while, we went to their house and helped feed them. After all of that, we were able to go eat dinner and have some down time. The children and staff at Casa Bernabe are all so kind and welcoming. It is quite humbling to see how happy and content they all are, despite the fact that they are living in an orphanage. We are all very much looking forward to church service at Casa Bernabe in the morning. We appreciate all of your prayers and support. God bless!

-Meryah :)

Jenni RamseyComment