Loving on the Teenage Girls... shopping, pizza, ice cream and a movie!

The morning started out with an amazing worship service at Casa Bernabe. Pedro, the president of Casa Bernabe delivered a powerful message about Saul and Samuel and how God has a unique and purposeful life for each of us. Doni, Pedro's wife, translated for us. She gave us the history of Casa Bernabe during lunch.

After lunch, we headed out to go shopping at the mall. We took Abigail and Sefora, both of whom Emily has come to know and love over the past eight years. Emily first met Abigail and Sefora on her first trip to Casa Bernabe eight years ago and has maintained a unique bond with each of them. Living at the orphanage, these girls rarely get the opportunity to leave, let alone shop for themselves. Sefora, at the age of 18, had never even been to the mall before. You cannot even begin to imagine the excitement and joy the girls experienced this afternoon. It was such a blessing to be a part of such an amazing opportunity. The girls had such a great time! 

When we returned from shopping, we had a pizza party with the older girls. Special thanks to the adoptive family that donated money for us to bless these girls. This adoptive family, instead of giving gifts for their daughter's birthday, donate money to celebrate her adoption and give money back to her country of origin. The girls enjoyed pizza and ice cream while watching the movie "Toy Story 3". It was a great end to a great day!

-Emily and Josie for the team

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