Adios Art y Lisa...

As I (Jenni) was packing my bag this a.m. and preparing to leave for the Casa Bernabe orphanage, I heard a knock on my door. Lisa told me that their dear friends, Leo and Sandra, had walked all the way through the village to meet me. I have prayed for Leo and Sandra for many years, and was so excited to finally meet them face to face! Our home church (The Village Church of Irvine) has supported the Camarenas for many years, and Leo and Sandra are definitely one of the fruits of their ministry. They are a typical poor Guatemalan couple, who could never afford to pay for a marriage ceremony. They lived together for many years and had many children before meeting Art and Lisa. Sandra came to know Christ in Lisa's Bible study, and later expressed her desire to be officially married. Our church paid for their wedding and has supported them (through Art and Lisa) for many, many years. 

Our time together was very emotional and impactful. Leo and Sandra explained how "words could not express their gratitude" for our investment in their lives. It was a moment that I will never forget, and I could not hold back the tears. God has moved in powerful ways through the lives of Art and Lisa, and it's such a blessing to partner alongside them. They have a very unique ministry and touch the poorest of the poor as well as business leaders, the military and government leaders in the presidential palace. We truly enjoyed their warmth and hospitality. Art and Lisa have an immediate need for a team from the states to serve alongside them and repaint their home. Let me know if you are interested! Our entire team was touched by Art and Lisa and we hope to return again soon.

Our team stopped in Antigua (for some quick shopping and lunch) on the way to the orphanage. Antigua is absolutely breathtaking and I got some great photos of the shops, cobblestone streets and ruins. Meryah will post soon on our first day at Casa Bernabe.

Jenni for the team

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