Mending Hearts Through Eyebrow Waxings

Blog post written by Bekah Eason, Aliso Viejo, CA


This post is about the joy that came with something as simple as waxing eyebrows. My name is Bekah and I am 19 years old. I have been coming to El Salvador for many, many years since my great grandparents and grandparents served as missionaries in Central America. My mom is a professional aesthetician and we came to El Salvador again this year to wax the girls from orphanages as they prepare for their quinceanera celebrations. My mom taught me how to wax eyebrows and shape. This is my fourth time serving with a His Hands His Feet/Sus Hijos quinceanera so I’ve felt pretty experienced as I’ve served the girls in this way.

Girl after girl we waxed away, turning one eyebrow into two and no eyebrows into new. There was absolutely no in between. The girls were either extremely hairy or had no hair at all. Seeing their smiles as a result of their fresh and clean eyebrows was a heart warming experience. We were able to tell every girl how pretty she was. It was such a blessing to see their responses, hear their giggles and watch them as they were covered with God’s love. Who knew that waxing eyebrows could make these girls feel so beautiful. It has been such a joy to serve with these quinceanera teams over the last few years. I love how God can use a young woman’s desire to be beautiful to allow us to share the hope of His love.

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