Welcome Home

Blog post written by Faith Duberow, Irvine, CA

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On Wednesday, July 31, the Crean team traveled to Santa Ana to finish up the house that Sus Hijos had been working on in a small village. The guys from our team had spent the previous two days completing the construction and painting the home. Before arriving in the community, we made a Walmart shopping trip. Our team split up into small groups to purchase furniture and other items for the house. When we arrived at the village, we were instantly met by a bunch of kids standing excitedly at the doors of our bus. 


I was beyond joyful to see the little kids that I had met the week before. I ran up to each of them and they greeted me with a big hug. I was so happy to see that they remembered me from last week.  During my previous trips to this village, I met so many people who told me about the incredible impact that Sus Hijos had made on their community. One instance in particular that really struck me was when a woman told me how Sus Hijos has helped to bring the community together, and how many people have seen God answer prayers and constantly work through Sus Hijos.


The house dedication was an incredible experience for all of us. After we gathered around the family to hear their hearts and pray over the house, it was time to give them the keys. Waiting in anticipation, we all were smiling and praying that they loved their new home. Maria (the mom) and Flor (her teen daughter) started crying tears of joy as they entered into their new home. I have been so humbled by their gratefulness for everything that the Lord has given them and their willingness to always help where they are needed. This trip has impacted my life deeply and I will never forget the overwhelming emotions I felt while watching this precious family enter their “forever home.” Welcome home, Maria and Flor!

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