Thoughts from a MK (Missionary Kid)

Blog post written by Rachel Knepper, Santa Ana, El Salvador


I've been a missionary since I was four, so for twelve years. I’ve watched many short-term teams come and go. I’ve seen their huge hearts and the marks they leave on the people of El Salvador. My favorite thing about the His Hands His Feet team this week has been seeing how dirty their hands get. I know that might seem weird, but when you look at their hands you see the time, the devotion, and the passion they have for the people that I've been serving all my life. This team has shown all of these things and more.


I've loved watching middle schoolers, teenagers and adults working together, helping each other build a house for a family that they didn't even know. I know there are some parents out there who are worried about their children and who are missing them right now, and I get that. But just know that your children are blessing a mother who also worries about her kids. She wonders about things like what is she going to feed them, and how is she going to keep them warm at night. Know that your children are answering a prayer she's been praying. Short-term teams have a huge impact on the people they serve. I’m so glad I got to serve with this team this week!

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