An Unforgettable Lady

Blog post written by Brock Gresham, Prosper, Texas

Today I was humbled.  God has been working on me on this trip BIG TIME. For those that do not know, a quick brief is needed. On the day before the trip I woke up and had completely broken out in hives all over my face and ears, along with a very painful, itchy rash on my hands and feet. I struggled to understand why God allowed me to have this on this trip. One way I know God wanted me to work through this was for me to be humbled.


While we were working on our house yesterday, one of our translators, Lilly, introduced me, Bryson, and Garwin to a lady in need, who was asking for help. This woman has a one year old boy. She lives in a wooden house, which is starting to show signs of decay due to age. She’s struggling because it’s only her. Her sister lives far away, and the father of her boy just dismissed her when she became pregnant, calling her a prostitute and accusing the boy of not being hers. She’s unable to work because there’s no one close by to watch him. Her house is smaller than the house we are building with only 1 light for the whole house. She told us she was on her way to see her sister but heard the "Gringos" were coming and decided to turn back around to meet us and get some prayer. She just wanted to be heard. As our group gathered to pray over her, she told us that God had been reminding her of the verse about keeping our eyes fixed on the kingdom of God, and then He will provide. What a gut wrenching conviction of how I have actually got upset about my Wifi going out for a night. Some of our team members gathered funds and surprised her today with a bunk bed set. What a blessing!

When North Americans read verses like Matthew 6:33, "But seek his kingdom first and righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well,” we should rejoice that we have so much amazing technology and resources. God promises us better rewards and everlasting treasure in Heaven which are ETERNAL! We should read these verses and rejoice, but what do we do? We keep scrolling past. We keep buying more and more stuff to feed our "self worth." Yet this lady who has nothing, who would live a completely different, wonderful life with just 10% of what I personally own, focuses on these verses instead of her problems. She focuses on keeping her aim towards Christ and what truly matters: the endgame of Christ and Heaven.

After seeing the faith of this incredible woman, I stood humbled. Four days ago I walked through the airport, feeling like pins and needles were driving into my feet with every step. I flew on a plane to Central America, carried and hauled luggage while my hands felt pierced by pins and needles. Then I got to spent 2 days loving special needs children, feeding the homeless, doing physical labor to help a family in need in a very much “hotter than the Texas” sun, where I got to meet this unforgettable lady living in abject poverty, who taught me a lesson. I’m so glad that God allowed me to meet me this sweet lady and her smiling boy, who forever humbled me.

This trip is changing my life. If you are like me and my wife, who wanted to go but struggled over missing work, fundraising and trip details, PLEASE let this blog be your answer. Say yes to this trip. If God doesn’t want you to go then He will say no. He WILL provide all the money if He wants you go to. I didn't even have enough money for my plane ticket until 3 weeks ago! And He provided all of my funds in 2 weeks! Go on this trip. Let God show you things that will change your life. I will never this beautiful woman and her son. I will always pray for them and look forward to seeing her in Heaven one day.

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