Leaving My Heart in El Salvador

Blog post written by Robert Delgado
Whittier, California



Yesterday I met one of the most beautiful little girls ever.  She lives at a special needs center and her name is "D."   "D" and I laughed, danced and prayed and with the help of some of the kids on our team, we made about six balloons animals together.  "D" can’t walk or talk but when she smiled it lit up my world.  There were so many kids in the center but when "D" held my hand for the first time I knew we made a connection.  

When it was time to leave I couldn’t stop myself from crying because all I wanted to do was take her home with me!!!  My heart longed to give her a bath and make her every balloon animal she could possibly imagine. The center was a very clean and loving place but in my heart I know she deserves so much more. I am blessed to be here in El Salvador with my beautiful, healthy daughter that needs very little supervision.  I have done everything possible to spoil my daughter with whatever she needs.  I couldn’t help wondering if this sweet, innocent child of God has ever been spoiled.  When it was time to leave I prayed and begged the Lord to take care of "D," make her healthy and allow her to be spoiled in his love. I may have plenty of material things but I know if "D" has God's love she will be spoiled with a love that I can never give her.  

So I’ll say it again.  God, please take care of my new friend "D" and overwhelm her with your love.  

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