A Strong Foundation

Blog post written by Xavier Limon

Costa Mesa, California

Today we had the privilege  of beginning construction on the Hernandes family home.  When we arrived at the property, we met the family, prayed over them and reminded them that this house is a gift from the Lord.  We were simply his tools,  His hands and His feet.  



Then it was time to start the foundation.  Everybody was excited, the house was going to be built!  But a builder has to be smart. It's critical to have somebody on the team who knows what they are doing. The foundation of any house is THE most critical component. Build incorrectly and ultimately you may have to tear down and start over.


Our walk with God is the same way.  A new believer is excited to know Jesus, but needs solid teaching. They need a level foundation to grow in their relationship with God.  Without a solid foundation,  storms, strong winds and the rivers that rise in life will cause destruction.  It's important to remember the wise man, who built his house on Him!  So today we poured a foundation for the Hernandes family! A literal foundation.

Construction days are what I enjoy most!  I will be honest, going to the children's homes is tough for me. It's totally outside my comfort zone and I never really know what to say.  I prefer to keep quiet and swing a hammer or carry gravel and sand.  In my own personal time at home, I enjoy building for myself and for others, so I'm at home doing the same thing in El Salvador.  To me, nothing builds relationships and teamwork more than lining up a brigade and passing buckets of cement or concrete blocks. 

I am confident that was accomplished today! With the help of the team members under the guidance of Orsy from Sus Hijos, we were able to pour the complete foundation today. Our dirty shirts and the smelly bus ride home was evidence of our hard work!  Some team members spent time with the Hernandes children throughout the day and even organized a soccer game in the neighborhood field.

Our team will continue construction tomorrow and then the July His Hands His Feet team from Crean Lutheran High School will complete and dedicate the home.   Please pray for the Hernandes family, that their spiritual foundation will be strengthened as their  new house becomes a home. Pray for Kurt Ackermann, the director of Sus Hijos, as he oversees all of the projects and short-term teams this summer!  

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