Posting from LAX

Post written by Jenni Ramsey


This post is being written from Gate 23 at LAX Terminal 2 as I prepare for my first red eye flight to El Salvador.  I'm flying two days ahead of my team.  My beautiful team members, Valerie Anderlik, Stephanie Keenan and Roberta Keenan will depart on the same red eye flight this Thursday evening. My heart is filled with anticipation as I prepare to serve in one of my favorite places in the world. This week has been crazy.  Honestly, it's been beyond crazy.  My days have been filled with nonstop preparation as I've shopped for groceries and pet food, completed bills and projects around the house, confirmed kids' schedules and prepared an extensive flowchart for Mike.  Leaving my family is hard. I'm so thankful that Mike and my mom are so supportive and that our kids are able to thrive while I'm away.  I've been reminded of my weaknesses this week over and over again.  The Lord placed this verse on my heart as I walked through the corridors of LAX...

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