An Unexpected Miracle

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Yesterday was beyond amazing.  I was exhausted, functioning on 24 hours without sleep.  I was invited to attend a program for teens called "Cambia Tu Vida" (Change Your Life).   I had no idea what the Lord had in store.  At the least minute the staff asked me to share my testimony.  It was an immense privilege to share my journey of healing.  These precious teens were clearly moved as I spoke and they were bursting with questions.  Many of them shared their stories and I was able to point them to Jesus over and over again.  We talked about the horrors of abuse and I urged them to stay away from pornography.  We also discussed the hope of forgiveness, healing and redemption.  This group typically meets for an hour and then they break for sports. But our 90 minutes flew by and we never left the room.  At the end of the program many of them thanked me for being "brave enough" to share my story.  I told them that they had blessed me more than they would ever know and that they were the brave ones, sharing vulnerably in front of their peers.  It was truly an unexpected miracle on my first day in El Salvador. 

Last night we had a "girls' night out" at Tony Roma's with some of the Sus Hijos missionaries.  I was so blessed by the laughter and silliness that filled our booth.  But I was even more blessed as they opened their hearts and shared their struggles and challenges of daily life in ministry.  We were able to encourage one another and it was a very special evening together.  Needless to say, I crashed last night and had a wonderful need of rest.

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