On The Ground!

Blog post written by Jenni Ramsey

We are here!!!  Our team of 19 is finally together for the first time in San Salvador.  We had an uneventful day of travel and are ready and excited to serve with Sus Hijos (His Children).

Our team was welcomed at the mission house with a delicious pizza dinner and mouth watering, homemade apple pie (made to honor our North American team) by one of the Sus Hijos translators, Maria.

The highlight of my day was a conversation that I had after dinner with one of the Sus Hijos missionaries from the US, Dave.  Dave has lived in El Salvador for nine months and serves with the young men in the transition house.  He told me that in his entire nine months of serving in El Salvador, the quinceanera (hosted by our last team) was in his opinion, the most impactful experience he has been part of.  He said that the girls from the centers haven't stopped talking about the evening.  To quote Dave, "They are still glowing!"  To read more about the quinceanera, scroll down or click here.

We were heart broken to learn upon our arrival that Pastor Miguel from Monte Calvario Church, San Salvador passed away today.  He had been battling lung issues for the past year and is now resting safely in the arms of Jesus.  My team was blessed to worship with Miguel and his church two weeks ago and he preached passionately despite his condition.  He was SO EXCITED about the quinceanera! He will be dearly missed and left an incredible legacy of faith.  Miguel was aware of the fact that our team was coming tomorrow and asked that we be part of the service even as his life was ending.  The service will include a memorial and we are honored to teach from God's Word, share about the quinceanera and lead music as we celebrate a life well lived.

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