Going Door to Door

Blog post written by Lexi Ramos
Junior, Crean Lutheran High School

This afternoon we visited an impoverished community in Northern El Salvador (near the border of Guatemala).  We were humbled to bring gifts of rice, beans and Bibles.  I loved that we were able to meet both physical and spiritual needs.  I was really surprised how welcoming the people were. Everyone was extremely hospitable and they went above and beyond to invite us into their hearts and homes.  We asked each family if they had any specific prayer needs.  One woman had just had a baby girl, Andrea. I got to pray for Baby Andrea and bless their home.  It honestly felt kind of scary to "bless a home" (I'd never done that before).  But once I started praying I felt like God was giving me His words and it was a very memorable experience.   I loved that the visits were so personal and we were able to enter into homes to see how people in El Salvador live.  It was definitely one of my favorite parts of the trip so far.

Jenni RamseyComment