A Sweet Reunion with the Hernandez Family

Blog post written by Jenni Ramsey

Today we had the privilege of visiting Oswaldo and Irma Hernandez and their precious three boys. They are an incredible family who have earned a very special place in my heart.  In the summer of 2013 our team from The Village Church of Irvine built a concrete home for the family.  Last month our team returned (due to the generous donation of previous team members) to help with the addition of a kitchen, bathroom, living room and electricity.  To read more about our previous trips with the family, click here.  The Hernandez family has faced tremendous challenges of unemployment, poverty, and the tragic loss of their son Eric to cancer last year.  They have unbelievable faith despite the pain they have endured and are truly an inspiration to all of our teams.  It was such a blessing to present them with gifts of photos from the last trip, stuffed animals and rice and beans.

When we told the family that we would be visiting their community to deliver rice, beans and Bibles, they immediately wanted to join us.  We squeezed their family onto the bus and our hearts filled with joy as we listened to their boys singing Bible songs through the rugged streets of Ahuachapan.  Irma joined my group and was a tremendous gift as we visited and prayed for families.  "Coincidentally" Irma was able to visit a close friend who had just had a baby.  She had been trying to figure out how to travel to their home for some time and was so thrilled to be there.  Once again we were able to witness a miracle in the life of the Hernandez family as she held the baby for the first time. 

Oswaldo works for Sus Hijos in the construction of concrete homes.  Please pray for the finances that are currently needed to continue building homes.  Concrete homes cost $3500.  There are currently no funds available but there are many families desperately in need of homes.  Pray that God continues to provide income for the Hernandez family and pray that waiting families are able to trust God in their current living conditions. 

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