Painting, Pigs and the Power of Prayer!

Blog post written by Aidan Ramsey (age 10)

Today we all had a blast doing our assigned paint jobs, especially Danilo, because he even tried eating some paint.

Me, Conner, MaKenna, Brendan, my mom and Bret all painted the wall that separates the soccer field from Eufy's house (Eufy's family lives on the property and they work with Art and Lisa).   That was a blessing for me because it helped Eufy and her fam.

This is my first time being a missionary to Guatemala (I've served in El Salvador once).  I'm having a really good time.  I really like Art and Lisa's grandson, Bret, and had fun teaching him the Rainbow Loom (making bracelets) today.

This afternoon we visited some families in the neighborhood.  Their houses were really poor but they were so happy.  I really liked visiting them and giving the kids some bracelets.  One family had a huge pig.  They don't have a lot of stuff but they are so thankful and have the biggest smiles.

God did something awesome yesterday.   I broke my thumb when all the kids 16 and under were playing soccer with a metal can.  It was me, Conner, MaKenna, Brendan, Ryan and DANILO. So as I was saying, one of the "kids" kicked the can so hard and it hit my thumb and broke it. I ran to my mom crying really hard and I couldn't move it. So Lisa called the doctor and my mom had Lori come in because she's a nurse. Lori prayed for it like 6 times and every time it got better and better.  On the 6th time it snapped back into place and then I ran back outside to play.   The blue swelling even disappeared.  So Lisa canceled the doctor appointment and everybody thanked God with joy and that's my story.


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