Meet the bride and groom!

We are in our final countdown to Guatemala!  Our team of 15 volunteers (from 4 states) is set to depart on November 23 for a life changing week serving the beautiful people of Guatemala.  We are so excited to be able to build beds and deliver beds to impoverished families, visit an orphanage, throw a celebration for a Bible study community, distribute backpacks to kids filled with gifts, help with construction needs at our missionary family's home and throw a wedding for two precious couples.


Meet Mario (72) and Herlinda (62).  They have been together for 42 years and have 5 children and numerous grandchildren.  Our team will be throwing a huge wedding celebration for Mario and Herlinda as well as another couple.  Art and Lisa Camarena, the missionary couple that we are partnering with, have told us that both couples are giddy about their weddings.  Mario has already bought new shoes and a new shirt. Their grandchildren will walk Herlinda down the aisle.  We are so thrilled to be a part of this significant moment in their lives.  Many couples in Guatemala are unable to afford the costs of a wedding and it is truly an honor to bless them in this Christ-honored occasion.  Our team members will be singing and playing the piano in the ceremony, baking a cake, taking photos and doing everything possible to make their day unforgettable. 

Our team still needs $3100 to cover all of our ministry costs.  If you would like to help meet these needs and provide a wedding for Mario and Herlinda, you can write a tax-deductible check to All Blessings Intl.  Contact Jenni Ramsey at for details.

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