Ministry at Potter's Field

Post by Dave Eason

What a blessing this trip has been so far this week! God has been doing some amazing things through our group, as you have already heard through previous posts. It is Wednesday night and the rest of the team has arrived in San Martin at the Calvary Chapel "Potter's Field" orphanage. It is always such a blessing to be here for me personally. As some of you may already know, my grandparents were missionaries here and purchased this land 40 years ago to build a Christian radio station. So much ministry has been done on this land that the Lord gave my grandparents so many years ago!

Today there is still Christian radio being broadcast, an orphanage with 16 boys and a church with an after-school program that reaches out to the kids in the surrounding community. Since Monday the guys on our team have been working hard on a house that will be used for the elderly and another house that will be used for students coming from the states to study to be missionaries.  It has gone very well so far. We have completed almost all the steel stud framing and set the windows. By tomorrow we hope to have the siding on and the electrical completed.

My son Micah and Stephen have found time in between working to play soccer with some of the orphan boys. It has definitely been a very productive week! Tonight we participated in the Wednesday night service that is held here on the property.

Half the team helped with the youth group and Stephen and Jenny G shared their testimonies in the service. I had the privilege of sharing the message tonight out of 1 Corinthians 13 (with my dad translating). What a great highlight this was!

Tomorrow the girls on our team will do some painting in the morning and work with the kids in the after-school program in the afternoon.  We will have a soccer competition with the kids at the orphanage tomorrow night.  We definitely have felt your prayers and appreciate it so much.  I look forward to sharing more stories when we return.  God bless you all!

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