Hunger Talks

Post written by Megan Hanson

Last night we fed the homeless, but this wasn't any type of homeless feeding I was used to. We first made a huge assembly line in order to prepare the meals. There was a rush to make sandwiches, grab apples, juice boxes, chips and lastly, my job, to open the bags (grocery store type bags) quickly and put all the food in the bag. It was a lot of fun and very interesting to see how much work goes into making meals. I have a new appreciation for my mom, who used to made multiple lunches at midnight for my siblings and me in elementary school. Thank you Mom!

Next, we rode through the town in the back of the bed of the truck ready to pass out food. There were bars in the bed of the truck for us to sit on, but don't think that because we were in the bed of the truck that Kurt (our driver) drove slower. He drove as if there was nothing in the bed of his truck :) In order to stop and pass out food, our translators would bang on the truck to let Kurt know he needed to stop. It was crazy because we would stop to feed one man and then all of a sudden tons of people coming from under the freeway, trees, trash cans would storm the truck to get food. It was heartbreaking to see little boys coming up to the truck who looked 8 or 10 years old. It was also heartbreaking when we stopped to give a lady food and before she could come to the truck, she had to put on clothes. I can't imagine how hard her life must be and what she is going through.

The whole ride I was praying that God would multiple the food. Whether if it was our bag that somehow had extra meals or if it was for those people personally, that the food ended up lasting them longer then just that night. I realized how ungrateful I truly am. Amanda and I were talking about how we "need" to eat something every 2 hours.  However, seeing these people starving almost made me sick. Back at the house I have Cheetos, chocolate chips, Nutri-grain bars etc. just in case I need a snack. I can't even think how far my backpack would go for one of these people living on the streets.

All in all, it was a successful trip because it gave me a new perspective on what hunger looks like and it was a great exercise in trusting God to provide food. Also, it helped me to trust God while we were being stormed by hungry people, praying that He would keep us safe and protected. I will never forget this unbelievable homeless feeding.

And just one more quick story! As a young girl I never wore or wanted anything to do with nail polish. This past year there was a girl named Jordyn on my basketball team who always had nail polish and always wanted to paint my nails. At first it was a struggle, but eventually we were doing each others' nails almost everyday. I never thought this would come in handy, but today I painted about 10 girls' finger nails and toe nails. If it weren't for this past year, I would not have been able to do the girls' nails.  I was taken back at how God can prepare you for things in random situations.

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