Another Day in Paradise

Post written by Jenny Gorcoff

As I sit on the front porch writing this blog, I'm watching our team play soccer with the boys from the orphanage.  The current score is 7-7!  The armed guard is standing near us guarding the main gate into the property.  Every restaurant, office and neighborhood in El Salvador is protected by armed guards.  It's funny how quickly we have become used to this over the week.

Today was our last full day of ministry.  It was very productive with everyone having a specific job to do. As you can tell, we spent the first part of the day painting the boys' play room, which was a challenge because the boys wanted to play.  There were leaves to be raked, drains & gutters to be cleaned out and wood piles to be moved. If you ever want to see a two foot long lizard with a black body and red head, just come to El Salvador.  They're hiding in the wood piles!

We spent the afternoon doing stations for the neighborhood after-school program. I loved watching these sweet kids decorate paper crosses with stickers and LOTS of glitter. Since everything revolves around soccer here, you must have a soccer game constantly in play. When the older girls  came to the craft area, I made an instant connection with one girl then realized she looked familiar. I had the translator ask her if she was here two years ago and she said "yes!"  I knew it, she was the same girl I connected with the last time I was here. What an amazing day in paradise, praise our Savior for another unforgettable day of ministry!

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