A Child's Perspective on El Salvador

Post written by Jordan Ramsey (age 10)



Today we spent the day at Calvary Chapel.  I helped with raking and carrying wood.  I also helped with the kids and played tag.  In the afternoon I helped act out a Bible story and I was a disciple who didn’t want the kids to go to Jesus.  Joshua was also a disciple and we said “No ninos!”  (“No kids” in Spanish) to Jesus.  Joshua’s sister, HannahGrace, was a kid who ran to Jesus and their mom, Colleen, was Jesus.  My mom was the narrator.      


We shared our testimonies with the kids and asked them questions.  The kids goofed off a little but they seemed like they were paying attention.  They liked the acting out.  The message of our story was that anybody, even kids, can trust God. 

They were selling clay crafts and my mom and I bought a plate to help us remember El Salvador.  The money went towards their ministry.  The kids from the orphanage challenged us to a soccer game and we accepted.  We will play at 7:30 tonight.  Wish us luck!


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