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Post written by Ashley Ware (from Kentucky, age 15)

Today we went to the government intake center/orphanage. As soon as we finished taking the tour, I just knew God had his hand on these kids. They were all so friendly and I instantly found a friend in a pregnant 13 year old girl. I knew from everything I had heard and read to prepare me for this, but it still came as a shock to me to see a girl, two years younger than me, pregnant, due any day now!

After a few hours of holding babies and playing with toddlers, we went to lunch.  We came back after lunch and split into different groups. Everyone has a different perspective of the day, and I know this is a little late since I just talked about my morning, but anyways; I went and painted in the teen girls' living area. We had a great time painting, even little Grace helped out.

After I finished my job of painting, I went back to the infants and pregnant moms, only to find my new friend. We talked, with the 'lil Spanish I know, and played with balloons and puzzles. It was very hard to leave and there were many tears, but we will continue to pray for them and know that God has his hand in their lives.

*Note from our team leader, Jenni....

Since the kids at the government intake center are under the protective care of the state, we were asked not to take close up photos of the children.   They are absolutely beautiful so as you can imagine, it was hard not to take close up shots.  At the end of the day we distributed jeans to the teenage girls.  It was like Christmas morning in their dorm!  They were trying on jeans, giggling and modeling for one another.   Since we need to protect their faces, we chose to take a photo of them from the back. They had a blast taking these photos (and got a little goofy too).

These precious girls do not know that our July team is throwing a quinceanera for each of them.  I met with the director of the center today and the staff is thrilled beyond belief over the quinceanera  They told us not to mention the quinceanara to the girls because so many of them are in transition.  If they are required to return home or move to another center, they will refuse to leave with the knowledge of the quinceanera.   Wow.  I can't wait to return in July with dresses, shoes and gifts prepared to shower them with the love of their heavenly father!!!

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