Gospel in Action

Post written by Amy Boswell (from Kentucky)

Today marked a life changing moment for many of us on this journey. Our team was privileged to visit the intake center, a government orphanage that houses infants and toddlers, special needs children, teenage mothers, young boys, and adolescent girls. Upon our arrival, our team split into groups to serve in each area of the center. Because of my background in pediatric therapy, it had been decided that I would serve by providing a training to the "tias" (orphanage staff). The children were left in the capable hands of my fellow team members and I was able to spend the morning training. Our topics ranged from basic child development and behavior problems to special needs and adaptive equipment. Each "tia" was so gracious and eager for information. I was blessed beyond measure to be able to assist them in this small way.

That afternoon, I visited with the special needs and the infant groups to work with the "tias" on specific children and answer questions. As I worked, I couldn't help but realize that all around me was the greatest example of the Gospel in action. I was surrounded by the wounded and the fatherless, children that were all but forgotten and invisible...but not to our God. He knows each of them by name. The beautiful little girl who may never walk, but whose smile won the hearts of the entire Hudson family. The teenage mothers that captivated Melissa and Kristi for the entire day. The darling child who cried for several of our team members for one more hug before we left her. And the baby who clung to me for the entire afternoon, refusing to return to anyone else, whose cries followed me out the door.

We may never know the fate of any of the children or young mothers that we met today. But we can be certain that our God is in control of every step. I pray that He used each of us today for His glory, that each child that we touched saw not ourselves but our God and His gospel...in action.

Jenni RamseyComment