Dance Party in El Salvador

Post written by Nancy Bates (from Kentucky)

Today we spent time at the San Martin center for adults with special needs. There are approximately 60 adults there at this time. We toured the facilities, which were obviously in desperate need of funding and improvements. We saw poorly dressed residents laying on the cold, hard cement. Our hearts were heavy and we all sensed a clear, unspoken sorrow throughout the tour. The staff are doing their best with the resources they've been given, but the conditions are absolutely horrible and ill equipped to care for residents with tremendous disabilities.

After the tour we moved to an open area to hang out with the residents, and our sorrows were lifted as we laughed and played together. It was time for fun and fellowship and we had an unforgettable afternoon. We did various activities with them such as making cross necklaces, bracelets, coloring, playing soccer, face painting and painting finger nails. They we so friendly and receptive to us! My favorite part though was when Kurt's team brought out music & speakers for the "Dance Party". We had a wonderful time dancing with the adults and they showed us some pretty terrific dance moves! The smiles and joy that we observed on their faces were life changing

I have felt God's presence and seen Him working at each facility we've visited. And at San Martin I could see God in all the smiles, hugs, high fives and yes, even the dancing (to Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber songs!). It was truly a blessing for me that I will treasure in my heart forever!

Jenni RamseyComment