Loving on Some Very Special Kids...

Blog written by Cathy Carpenter (from Kentucky)

Yet another amazing day in El Salvador!! This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. Showing God's love to others is what we are here for. The first center we visited was a Catholic center for special needs children. Everyone was so friendly and we were given time with the children, many who needed the touch of love from anyone who loves Christ and was willing to share with them. First, there was a beautiful girl named Claire who I got to love on until she fell over asleep. The caretakers tried to awaken her, but she was sound asleep.

Next I was privileged to make beautiful bracelets. One of the children actually made a bracelet for another one who couldn't make their own. Then I saw two little girls sitting alone and watching me, as well as a young boy seemingly on the sidelines. I went over to them and pulled their three wheelchairs together and just began making up a nonsense song. I sang and jumped around and they just laughed and laughed. They were so sweet and their response so genuine. Time passed too fast and we had to take the children to line up for their lunch meal. Christella, Michelle, and myself entertained with a few songs while Jenny (one of our awesome translators) interpreted everything in such a fun way. We are so blessed to have an amazing team of translators!

I can't even begin to tell everyone how deeply moved we have been by all the children we have met.

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