TX Team Report

Last week our TX team gathered to share the ways in which God worked during our trip to El Salvador.  Nearly fifty people came to celebrate all that God did!  We watched an awesome team video and our team members shared highlights of their trip.  Tears were shed and laughter was shared as the team reflected on the many ways in which they experienced God's glory in El Salvador.

This past Sunday the team gave their trip report in the Lighthouse service.  The youth group also hosted a silent auction to raise funds for El Salvador during the service. The students had gone out into the community to solicit donations the previous day.  It's so exciting to see how many people have caught a vision for El Salvador at Lighthouse!  We know this is just the beginning! The TX team will be serving from July 21-28 in 2018 and we look forward to watching the partnership between Lighthouse Christian Fellowship and His Hands His Feet grow in the years to come!

Jenni RamseyComment