The CA Teams Prepare to Serve

Blog post written by Jenni Ramsey

Last week I was thrilled to travel to CA to meet with our awesome summer teams.  I was incredibly impressed by both teams and their hearts to serve.  These teams are preparing spiritually and working diligently to be able to serve the beautiful people of El Salvador with passion and joy.

The Crean Lutheran High School team (which consists of 23 volunteers) enjoyed a potluck dinner together and shared their testimonies with one another.  I was deeply touched by the faith and depth of these students and can't wait to see God use them and work in their lives as we serve together. The students will be completing the house that was started by the TX team in June.  They will also visit orphanages, serve in a local church and deliver meals to the homeless community.

The Young Women of Vision mother/daughter team (which has 18 volunteers) will be throwing their fourth quinceanera (a traditional birthday celebration for fifteen year old girls) for teen girls living in government run orphanages.  We had our "packing party," where we sorted and packed dresses, shoes, jewelry and gifts for the girls.  I was amazed by the organization and preparedness of the team and their incredible hearts to serve.  The quinceanera will take place on Thursday, July 27.  Please pray for the team and for the girls who will be celebrated, that they truly understand their value, beauty and worth in light of God's deep love revealed through the Gospel.

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