The Quinceañera - July 10, 2012

Blog written by Stephanie Keenan:

When we were in El Salvador last summer, I (Stephanie) was blessed to spend a good amount of time with the teen girls in the government orphanage. During that time I learned that as part of their therapy they have to write their life stories. A few of them wanted to share their written stories with me. It was definitely hard stuff to hear, our darling translator Jenny didn't even want to say some of the more tragic things out loud. It was powerful and sobering for both of us to really understand the depth of pain and abuse that these girls have suffered. 

As I listened to their stories, I noticed a common thread of missed dreams, a big one for these girls is their Quinceañera . Right in the middle of one story I knew this was something we had to do, I looked across at Jenny and told her that we needed to have a Quinceañera next year. She immediately began to cry, knowing what that would mean for these girls. And WE ARE DOING IT!!!!  I am so excited that I get to follow through with this idea and with our team, make it a reality. It is so important for these girls to understand their value and to know that they are daughters of the King, who understands their pain and desires to heal their hearts. We are going to shower them with pretty dresses and shoes, music, food, the whole nine yards, but most of all we are going to shower them with the love and grace of a healing God.  Please join us in praying that they each catch a glimpse of how much He values and loves them. 

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