Bring on the Bake Sale!

Last week the July El Salvador team hosted a bake sale at The Village Church of Irvine and raised close to $400! Way to go team! The team will be serving in two orphanages (a government intake center and a Christian orphanage) in July. We will be serving in construction projects, feeding the homeless, working in the local church and hosting a quinceanera for the teeange girls in the government center. We are collecting prom dresses, shoes and jewelry for the quinceanera. Please let us know if you'd like to donate!

Our team of 19 consists of:
Jenni & Jordan (age 10) Ramsey,
Stephanie & Stephen (age 16) Keenan,
Amanda & Molly (age 15) Langdon,
Amanda Deal,
Megan Hanson,
Dave, Tanya, Micah (age 16) & Rebekah (age 14) Eason,
Jenny & Molly (age 9) Gorcoff, 
Jeff, Colleen, Joshua (age 10) & Hannahgrace (age 8) Bowen,
& Robert Veith

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