Sunday Morning Ministry


Post by Dave Eason

What a joy it is to be back in El Salvador after five years, and to be here with such a great team! The morning started early with breakfast at 5:30 am. We showed up at Calvary Chapel San Salvador at 6:45 am to serve in a ministry that feeds the poor kids in the community while the youth pastor gives a short message. Mike R was also able to give a short message to the boys.  

After this we went and served with another ministry called Campos Blancos (white harvest) that takes church to the poor kids in their neighborhood. What a blessing this was! We broke up into teams of 5 and went into different parts of the neighborhood (very poor area) and set up Sunday School for the kids. We probably had between 20 and 30 kids in three different areas come! What an incredible ministry! These kids would never show up to church because there parents won't bring them but yet they will let there kids walk down the street to gather for church! 

After this it was back to the main church by 9:45 where they also have a radio station ministry that broadcasts all over El Salvador. This radio broadcast was started many decades ago by my grandparents and today is ministering to thousands of people on a daily basis. They asked if they could interview our team for a few minutes and myself, my son Micah, Jenni and Robert were able to share our purpose for being down here. What a blessing!  

10 am rolled around and we attended the second service at the church where our whole team was introduced to the congregation. I was able to share for a few minutes our purpose for the trip and asked them to keep us in prayer as we minister throughout the week. Another blessed time! Well that concluded our action packed morning and as you can see God truly blessed our time ministering alongside our Christian bothers and sister of El Salvador! We thank you all for your prayers and look forward to how God will continue to use our team!

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