First Days in San Salvador

Post by Robert:

It is my first time out of the country (other than the Canada side of Niagara Falls) and I am in a third world country. I am exhausted from the plane ride and from thinking about my life and all the work I left behind but the Lord has made it clear to me that coming down to El Salvador was important. I have to admit I am nervous but I am with close friends that have done this before and they even brought their kids. I stepped outside the terminal and the smell and heat were like nothing I've felt but I expected that. The thing that gets me is the lack of traffic laws regarding seatbelts and the amount of people allowed in the back of one pickup truck. The house we are staying in is amazing and the people are great; the authentic Salvadorean meal (Pizza Hut) was just what I needed on our first night. 

We got some sleep and got up early Sunday morning to go to the Calvary Chapel to help feed the neighborhood children. After serving breakfast, we distributed 5 silly bands to each kid and they loved them!


After feeding the kids, we went out into the nearby area to do childrens ministries and then even went on the radio for an interview a few minutes before the church service started. All that before the 10:00 am church service!!!


Then we went to the mall and I got a Quiznos sub for lunch. It is amazing the contrast between the poor areas I walked in and then being surrounded by all these American companies. I can't wait to get out to the San Martin property and do some construction projects.

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