Reflections on Our First Day in El Salvador

Blog post written by Garwin Freeze, Prosper, Texas

Today was a great day! We were immersed in the spirit of God moving in a local church. The worship and the message were different in some ways but also very similar to what we are use to and tremendously comforting.

After a delicious team lunch with fifty-five team members and missionaries at Pollo Campero we traveled to visit children at a Catholic orphanage. We made popcorn, snow cones, balloon animals and treated many smiling, sweet faced children to a face painting party! What truly struck me was the absolute joy that they found in such simple pleasures. People spending time with them and loving was very special. In the world of excess that we live in in the US, today we all experienced how much we take for granted. My heart smiled all afternoon.

This evening before dinner we separated and visited the boys’ and girls’ transition homes, located next to the mission house where the team is staying. The young people enrolled in this program receive support to help them transition into the “real world” after life in orphanages. They learn how to provide for themselves for today, tomorrow and forever so they do not have to succumb to the pressures of the street life, a life that is so pervasive in this country. We listened to the truly compelling story of how God shows his love and mercy for anyone who will accept him, no matter the transgressions of the past. That is a message that we need to remember, minister and remind. He is a Great God, a loving, gracious and merciful God. Today was only our first full day of ministry but I have already learned that my perspective is really slanted towards only what I know. The experiences we have had and will have this week will bring my focus to what is important (which is easy to lose without perspective) and that is sharing to word of God, the love of God and the grace of God with the wonderful people of this beautiful country.

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