My First Mission Trip

Blog post written by Matt Gilbert (age 12), Frisco, Texas


Yesterday was the second time I’ve ever played "futbol" (soccer)l. I played with my new friend Kylie, whose dad is the missionary that leads Sus Hijos, and a neighborhood girl. Later we had 4 others come and join us.  We gave the duplex to the families and it was awesome.  Their reactions were as if Jesus was actually back on the Earth. Then we handed out clothes to the families in the neighborhood. After that everyone went and played soccer with kids from the community, which was really fun. The Salvadorians are good!


This week we have heard a lot of incredibly testimonies from the missionaries that we're working with.  It has made me think a lot about my life.  Last year my family moved to TX, which has been hard for me.  I've struggled a lot.  The thing that keeps me going is knowing there is a God, a God that can help anyone with their suffering.  A few months ago I heard about El Salvador in my church.  My parents signed me up as soon as they heard about the trip.                      


While here, I realized that this trip is changing my life.  I’m wanting to move here one day to help out the poor.  I also really like the people here, who are helping me in many ways.  It’s more interesting and fun to be here than the states, and it is a good way for people to know the Word of God. He can perform things that we can’t even imagine. I love to be here. At first I was going to use the money I would’ve gotten on my birthday for Vidcon, now I'd like to use it for El Salvador.   I can’t stop feeling sad that we have to leave because all I want to do is stay. In my future I’d like  to try to move here and work with Sus Hijos.  I want to help people that are struggling. This place now feels like my new home.  I’m wanting to now move to El Salvador...

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