Quinceanera Reflections from a Salvadorean

Blog post written by Stanley Lainez, Sus Hijos staff member 

My first experience at the Sus Hijos quinceañera was surprising as Jesus to spoke to my life through this event, seeing so many happy girls gathered in the same place. I could see the reflection of Christ in all the people who organized this event. Throughout the year they raised the funds and collected everything that was needed for this special day.  It was so powerful to see so many people in prayer for the party and spending their time in the service of God. Jesus said to love others as yourself.  It is inspiring to see all the dedication that the team put into each young woman. They made the girls feel that they are very special for Jesus and made them feel like princesses.

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A quinceanera is a particularly special day for Latin American girls.  It is something that marks their lives, a transition into womanhood. I loved seeing so many people working so hard to give this gift to the girls.  When you lay aside your needs and you place the needs of other people in front of yourself, you feel a happiness in your heart.  And then you can feel the love of Jesus in your life.  Finding Jesus is the best thing that has happened to me in life.  Serving is a delight. 


If you are reading this, I want to ask you a question. Are you impacting a life in your community? If you are not doing this, think of all those people who need your help.  When you bring out a smile in another person, this reflects the love of Christ.  I want to challenge you to something.  What is your crazy dream for God?  Think of that amazing, wondrous dream that only God can accomplish.  Don't limit your dreams.  Do whatever possible to grow His kingdom.  


If you had any part in helping this great team to make the quinceanera party possible, I thank you so much on behalf of the people of El Salvador.  These girls were overjoyed and overcome by the entire process.  Their lives have been changed.  God bless your life and that of your family.

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