Building a Strong Foundation

Blog post written by Justin Takiguchi, Crean Lutheran High School student 

Isaiah 40:31 certainly sums up what we, the boys, had to do yesterday! For abut 6 hours, we helped staff members of Sus Hijos with the construction of a house; more specifically, the foundation. The foundation is the most important aspect of the house; without it, the house will collapse under stress. However, in order to create a foundation, we had to do a lot of digging. To emphasis, A LOT OF DIGGING. Most of yesterday was spent digging roughly 4 foot trenches into the ground so that they could be filled with concrete. Despite this tough work, as Isaiah 40:31 promises, God was there to keep us strong. Although everyone was a bit sore and sunburnt at the end of the day, throughout the work, everyone was inexplicably full of energy! Adding on, to my knowledge, no one became dehydrated and no one sustained any major injuries despite the heavy work. Praise the LORD!   Our entire team will return to the construction site on Thursday to continue the work together.  The July His Hands His Feet team from Texas will complete and dedicate the home. 

Praise continue to pray for our team. Wednesday is the quinceanera, meaning that there is much to be done before the party. Please pray for diligence and joy as we get ready for the quinceanera. Please pray for open hearts for the team and for the girls who will be at the party. Above all, please pray that God be glorified above all, that His perfect will be done, and that we may be His witnesses to whoever we encounter throughout the remaining time we have in El Salvador.  

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