My First Trip to an Orphanage

Blog post written by Beth Giunta

Newport Beach, CA



Today was my first time visiting an orphanage. Although the tour of the facility was heartbreaking, the children were precious. I was overwhelmed with sadness when we walked into the room where the children sleep. I had to walk out of the room as I burst into tears unexpectedly. As I walked outside a little eight year old boy named "W" walked right up and took my hand and introduced himself. His excitement over our visit put a smile on my face. 


There were three sections of the orphanage; one with boys, another with girls, and another with teenage moms and their babies. After the tour, I stayed with the teenage girls to visit and make necklaces. Most of the girls were excited to have visitors. Seeing my daughter dance with a twelve year old little girl who had shared her difficult story with us and watching a precious girl with special needs braid her hair will always be imprinted on my heart. 


There were a couple girls who weren't interested in seeing us and stayed inside. My daughter and I decided to go inside and visit. I approached a 15 year old girl, and began to inquire about her interests. She quickly told me that she wasn't good at anything and there is no hope for her future. My eyes welled with tears as I listened to this young girl, who had already given up on her life. After talking for a couple minutes about God's plan for her life and His love for her, she became completely disengaged and went to her bed. We gave her space and stayed in the room and talked to the other girls. After about 20 minutes, she made her way back over. I knew God had touched her heart when she showed me the necklace she had made and asked to take a picture with me. We held hands and prayed together before we left. She has forever touched my heart and I will continue to pray for this precious child of God. 

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