Making Dreams Come True

Blog post written by Jenni Ramsey


McKinney, Texas


The past three days have been unforgettable as our team has had the privilege of visiting six orphanages, delivering invitations for the quinceanera gala to more than one-hundred girls.  A quinceanera celebration for a Latin American girl is a rite of passage that most girls dream of from their earliest memories.  However, most of the girls living in government orphanages come from extremely difficult situations.  Many have never had a birthday party, chosen a dress or felt like a princess.  They are hungry for unconditional love and searching for hope for their futures.  It is nearly impossible to describe how incredible it feels to be able to make their dreams come true.


The Young Women of Vision team has been amazing, collecting dresses, shoes, jewelry, nail polish, hair products and gifts for the girls for the past five months.  They arrived in El Salvador with hearts full of compassion, ready to serve and bless these girls.  The team has entered each orphanage overjoyed to bring the exciting news of the quinceanera and God's abundant love for each and every girl.  We've developed an efficient set up team, laying out shoes and dresses by sizes, setting up nail painting/foot washing stations and praying that every girl would find the perfect dress.  As the girls have entered the rooms at each center, they've been welcomed with our hugs and kisses.  We've had the opportunity to share why we've come and to pray over each girl before the dress selection process begins.  There have been many tears, squeals of joy and stories too numerous for this blog. 

Last night the girls from the Sus Hijos transition home were able to pick their dresses.  I'll never forget the smiles on their faces as each girl found the dress of their dreams.  They were glowing as the team members shouted and cheered over their outfits and celebrated their inner and outer beauty.

It has been such a joy to share the hope of the Gospel with these lovely girls and to remind them that these gifts have come from their Heavenly Father.  We have been given the privilege of being HIS HANDS and HIS FEET as we've brought the gowns, shoes and gifts to remind them that they are not forgotten.  There is truly nowhere else that I'd rather be this week than being part of this wondrous occasion.

any of the dresses required alterations, so our team members organized a sewing party tonight. The mission house has been filled with laughter, excitement and anticipation as everyone is preparing for the big day.  Please pray with us as the final details come together.  Pray that each girl truly comprehends how deeply she is loved by God.  Pray for lives to be transformed as the girls receive makeovers, put on their gowns and enter the ballroom to dance, rejoice and be reminded that they are truly princesses, loved by the King of Kings.   

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