Going Out in His Power

Blog Post Written by Aidan Ramsey
McKinney, Texas


"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." - Acts 1:8




This week I had the privilege of going out into an impoverished community to deliver food, Bibles and supplies.  My friend Julien was on my team along with two of the Sus Hijos translators, Lilly and Orsy.  We only had three bags of food for three houses and all of the other groups had six, but that didn't matter.  The only thing that mattered was blessing the community. 

The street that we were assigned to was a small street with only three houses.  That didn't matter either.When we went to the first house we went up to the front gate.  We met a woman and gave her bags of rice, sugar and flour along with a Bible.  We asked if she wanted prayer.  The young woman looked to her husband and looked back at us.  She seemed very happy and excited for prayer.  Then she told us that her four year old daughter couldn't walk and needed a lot of prayer.  When we walked inside the home, the little girl was undressed, but that didn't matter.  The only thing that mattered was that we had God's power through prayer. 

When we walked up to the gate, an elderly woman was watching us.  She walked inside the home with us.  I squeezed the girl's foot tightly and started to pray.  And the elderly woman started praying alongside us.  The prayer began softly but we sensed the Holy Spirit on us and the prayer increased in power.  As I was praying the girl's foot was moving slightly. I knew it was a sign that God was moving.  When I was praying I felt an indescribable surge of power through God.  After the prayer we were greatly thanked and I could tell that the family will never forget us. 

When we left their home, the elderly lady directed us to her house.   She walked us to the very end of the street where she lived.  When we walked inside I saw that she was living in a nice house. Later she explained that she was living with her daughter because she didn't have a home.  We gave her the food and we could tell that this wasn't what her mind was set on.  We didn't even have to ask if she needed prayer.  She immediately told us what she needed prayer for.  She had a hernia right under her right side of her stomach.  She got onto her knees and so did I.  I put my hand over her hernia and Julien started to pray.  As we were praying she was also speaking directly to God. After Julien was done Lilly kicked in and started praying in Spanish.  I didn't know what they were saying but I continued to keep my hand up and continued to say, "Yes, Lord (Si, Señor!)." 

Every time we went into a home we told the people that the food and Bibles weren't from us, they were gifts from the Lord.  The family members in each home with grateful, welcoming and knew the gift were answers to their prayers.  This experience showed God's true power and proved that He is real and always there.  If you're not a Christian and you're still reading this, remember that God is always with you.  And He loves you.  I will never forget this moment and can't wait to return to El Salvador three weeks from today.   


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