Dining at The States Diner

Blog post written by Jenni Ramsey
Director, His Hands His Feet

Today our team had lunch at the States Diner, a "one of a kind" restaurant opened two years ago by Sus Hijos to provide employment for young men and women transitioning out of orphanages.  The food is delicious, the atmosphere is warm and it's so incredible to know that the diner is changing lives every day.  The young employees learn desperately needed skills such as customer service, quality management, punctuality and the importance of a strong worth ethic.  The diner provides hope for future employment and I always love eating there!

We were thrilled to bump into Miguel Hernandez, the new guard for the dinner.  Our teams were honored to build a home for Miguel's family last year and Sus Hijos offered him employment at the diner.  Miguel was beaming from ear to ear as we greeted him from the bus and he asked me to send his love to all of the team members that helped to build his home.  Tomorrow we begin construction on a new home for another Hernandez family.

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