All He Needed Was a Friend

Blog post written by JoAnn Taylor

Mission Viejo, California



All he needed was a friend.

All he needed was a smile.

All he needed was someone’s time.


Visiting the children's special needs home is an experience unlike any other that I have ever had. There was one little boy in particular that truly touched my heart. I deeply regret that I never learned his name, but I’ll never regret playing with this "ball of energy" for hours.

Our encounter began when the little boy called, “Bella, Bella” while waving me over from his yellow bike. After a lot of hand motions and a translator’s help, I was able to figure out that the little boy wanted me to help push his seat while he pedaled his bike.  He shouted “Otra vez” (another time!) while slowing his bike down from the last pass down the concrete path. He was the cutest little kid and he sure knew it. He understood that with simple words he could get us to do whatever he pleased, which meant that Lexi and I ran a lot, but it was more than worth it. As time passed more and more members of the Crean team joined into our games with this little boy. After lots of fun it was time to say our goodbyes and head home. We waved "adios!" and loaded the bus and as soon as we drove off I heard a commotion coming from the back of the bus. I turned around and saw the little boy riding his bike after our bus.  He was pedaling as fast as his little legs could go, and that’s when I realized that all he needed was a friend.

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