Serving Alongside Friends

Blog post written by Jenni Ramsey

Our team this week is very dear to my heart for many reasons.  Not only do we have many returning team members and leaders from The Village Church of Irvine.  We also have two incredible families from our neighborhood in Irvine whose kids are close friends with our boys. It's been a dream come true for Jordan and Aidan to serve alongside their buddies in El Salvador this week. 

In addition, our lifelong friends, Guido and Julien Hajenius, are serving with our team.  Guido's wife, Katie, is one of my best friends from college and we've supported each other through our weddings, the birth of our children and years of life and ministry.  Katie and Guido's son, Julien, is one of Aidan's best friends as well.  Guido serves with iEmpathize, an organization that seeks to eradicate child exploitation, engage the culture and empower kids.  To learn more about iEmpathize, click here.

This week Guido has been given four opportunities to present his materials on sexual exploitation, empathy and empowerment.  His presentation connects the hope of the Gospel with practical tools that empower young people to make the right choices.  Sadly, the majority of the children that we serve in El Salvador have experienced extreme trauma and abuse.  They are desperate for healing and Guido's presentation has given them incredible tools for their futures.  Mike and I have loved partnering with the Hajenius family and iEmpathize for many years and it's truly a gift to serve together in Central America.  My heart has been overflowing as I've watched the Lord use both Guido and Julien over and over again this week.

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