On The Ground

Blog post written by Jenni Ramsey

The Village Church El Salvador team is "in the house!"  Actually, we're in the Sus Hijos "Mission House."  We had an uneventful day of travel and the kids had a blast bonding on the flights, discovering a candy store in the Dallas Fort Worth Airport and enjoying tons of games.   Our team has ten team members whom are ages eighteen and under!  It's going be such a thrill to watch these kids serving the children of El Salvador this week.  My soul is filled as I'm back in the land that has become so dear to my heart.  I can't believe this is my eleventh trip to El Salvador.  I love the unique smells and humidity that envelopes me every time I walk off the plane into this beautiful country. And it's such a gift to be serving this week with Mike and our boys.

Our team of twenty is settling into the house and preparing for a full week of ministry.  Tomorrow we will serve in the local church, spend time at a boys' orphanage and visit the Hernandez family. We are incredibly grateful for your prayers and support as we serve the Lord's children in El Salvador.

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