Meet the 2015 Crean Lutheran High School Team

Blog post by Jenni Ramsey

Last summer I was honored to lead a team of students to El Salvador from Crean Lutheran High School in Irvine, CA.  We had a very special group of students and leaders and we're thrilled to be partnering with Crean for the second year in a row from July 25-August 1.  This team will be serving in government run orphanages.  They will also be throwing a quinceanera for young ladies and women who live in special needs homes.  David Anderlik, the women's basketball coach and a biology teacher for Crean, co-led the team last year and is co-leading again.  Coach Anderlik prayed that the number of students would double as he prepared to lead a team in 2015 and they did!   This year we have a total of twenty-two team members and nine are returning team members. The students have organized a number of fundraising events, including a baby-sitting night on Friday, May 29 at Crean Lutheran High School (from 6-10 pm) and a garage sale in Mission Viejo on Saturday, June 20. 

The team is collecting gently used dresses, shoes and jewelry for the quinceanera.  They are also bringing gifts for the orphanages such as diapers, formula, hygiene products, toys and sports supplies.  Please let us know if you can support the team through donations or financial support.  We are extremely grateful for your prayers for the students and team leaders as they prepare to serve this summer.

These photos were taken at our team meeting a few weeks ago.  Some of the team members are missing and we hope to have an updated photo soon.  It was so inspiring to hear how God led each team member to join the team during our meeting and I loved seeing the students praying together for the people that we'll be serving in El Salvador.

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