Feeding His Peeps

Blog post written by Lexi Ramos

This is my second time coming to El Salvador to serve on a mission trip. Last year feeding the homeless was one of my favorite parts of coming here. As we drove down the street last night, the reality hit me that these people had no where to go home to, no bed to sleep in, no food except for what we brought them. I may go home at the end of the week but this is their life every day.   This was so sad to me even though I saw it last year, it wasn't until now that I fully understood the gravity of their situation.  Each of these people are precious in God's sight. He knows their names and stories, even though we may not. He has not forgotten about them and cares deeply about each of them every day.

I was surprised by the thankfulness these people expressed even when we ran out of bags of food. One man in particular thanked us for thinking of them even though he received nothing. This was convicting to me and caused me to reevaluate my attitude about everything. I often find myself upset when I am in an unfair situation. The people we served were humbling to me and made me realize the importance of thankfulness, even when it's not the normal response.   Even though I was able to feed the homeless last year, nothing can prepare you or make it any easier to see such brokenness. I pray that these bags of food not only meet their physical needs but also their spiritual needs and that they are able to see Jesus through us. It still broke my heart but filled me with joy to be able to serve.

Jenni RamseyComment